Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona


Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona

With our locksmith technicians, we work with all brands of locks and light bulbs in the market. Either in downtown Mataro and Barcelona Province or in the surrounding area. If you don’t see your lock brand here, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will look for it. Sure we have it and if the manufacturer has closed, we will know which lock is compatible so that your door does not have to be modified.


Contact us : +34 644 721 038

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Locksmiths Barcelona, ​​we open doors, fix, install and change locks, security devices, blinds and everything related to security.

All our locksmith technicians are equipped with a vehicle that has all the necessary tools to make any opening or change of lock. As well as we have available the most common and used locks. So if you need to change a lock, it is as soon as possible and with the least inconvenience to you.

In Locksmiths Mataro and Barcelona Province, ​​you have the security, who will go to your house to open it or change your lock, is a person of total confidence. The locksmith of a lifetime in Barcelona.

Locksmiths Barcelona 24 Hours

From Locksmiths Barcelona, ​​we offer a 24-hour service, we offer our services throughout the whole day, each and every day of the year.

The important and essential thing about when you want to open the door of your house and cannot, when you have lost your keys or suffered a robbery or theft. Is that someone give you a fast, efficient and reasonable cost solution. Hence, always and at all times and in all circumstances we are available 24 hours a day.

Why do they call us locksmiths 24 hours? Very easy, on the contrary that in the small towns, in the big cities like Barcelona, ​​not always and and in all circumstances the blacksmith of the town is known to solve the problem, or one of our relatives lives next door to spend the night there.

Virtually all locksmiths today in large cities, have emergency services and / or 24 hours. So that when someone in the middle of the night or on a holiday, can not enter your home. The lock will break or you need to change it urgently. So be it for lost keys or any other urgency, we can go as quickly as possible and carry out the work twenty-four hours a day.

Locksmiths Barcelona, ​​is the lifelong locksmith of Barcelona now on the Internet so you can find us more easily. We provide our services, for more than twenty years we are serving in our city. Quite a few people know us by word of mouth. However, we continue to meet new potential clients such as Locksmiths Barcelona.

Urgent Locksmith Barcelona

In locksmiths Barcelona we work the emergency room efficiently.

Our urgent locksmith services is one of the many services we offer to our clients. Because we know that there are some things more urgent than others and we must do them quickly and well. Although, the emergency department is the most requested by our clients.

When you are in any hurry and need to catch a plane. You need to go to work and the house door does not close. When the door has been closed and the food is on fire. Even due to a wind blow that closes the door and has left the child alone at home.

Taking more than just and necessary to get there and do the job is unthinkable for us. We always prioritize the urgencies and by having different technicians distributed, we get to your home very quickly.

It is like when one is going to go home, already at the time of closing the business and for whatever reason, the blind does not come down, or the lock is not closed. If this happens, it will not stay there all night, call us and we will in a moment to fix it.

As locksmiths Barcelona we are aware of all these problems and difficulties. We also wanted to put a solution and that’s why we created this urgent Locksmith service Barcelona.

To be able to separate the true urgencies from the less urgent, but not less important, services.

All our clients are important. If one day you have an emergency, contact us and we will go immediately. Always with cheap prices.

Remember that as urgent locksmith Barcelona we understand urgencies and needs.

Our locksmiths know the best routes to get where you require us. In the shortest possible time we will go to solve the urgency you have.

So you can continue with the normal routine, with the problem solved.

If you need any other contact number or have any other urgency, we leave the link to the Barcelona City Council

Locksmiths Barcelona by Neighborhoods

Barcelona is a very large city and regional capital of El Maresme. As such, you cannot work as if it were any surrounding town. But to offer a better service to our customers, you have to know the city and its neighborhoods very well.

Therefore, our locksmiths can cover all cities in the province of Barcelona.

Premia de Mar, Argentona, San Andres de Llavaneras, San Vicente de Montalt, Caldetas, Arenys de Mar, Canet de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Cabrera de Mar, Vilasar de Mar, Cabrils, Vilasar de Dalt, Illa Fantasia, Premia de Mar

Our speed and professionalism is what characterizes Locksmiths Mataro and Barcelona Province.

«Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona»

We provide service in the whole province of Barcelona

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We offer 24-hour services, fast and effective service. We also take care of the opening of doors, by appointment, of judicial launches.

Why call Locksmiths Barcelona and not others?

The million dollar question! Easy and simple to answer.

We are a team of approved and legalized professional locksmiths.

Our works are guaranteed and are of the highest quality.

We have been in this sector for more than 30 years, transmitting our knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.

Always put ourselves in the customer’s «shoes» and we know the difficult time that is happening.

Because we don’t lie. If something can be fixed, we fix it first before we change it. The cost for the client is always lower and we are not to waste.

And because we have a large number of locksmith jobs carried out in our hands, for all this and much more, more and more clients are talking about us and recommending us.

Cheap locksmith Barcelona

We advise you and always offer the best of personalized solutions. Before undertaking any work, our team of professionals will study your need to give you the best service, with the best price and the best guarantee.


We attend in record time any notice, urgent and non-urgent. With the best service and the best value for money.
24 hours 365 days

Our great team of Locksmiths Barcelona, allows us to cover any type of work, whatever day it is and whatever time it is. For you always be calm.

Own material

Our costs are lower by having our own warehouse and not having intermediaries. In addition, to always have a stock of products.

Most requested services

More than a thousand homes and businesses have trusted in the work and guarantee of Cerrajeros Barcelona, we are waiting for you!

Locksmiths in Barcelona 24 hours

On the other hand, we have to say that our locksmith company in Barcelona 24 hours stands out in the first place for offering a high quality service 24 hours a day. This means that you can hire our services at any time of the day, be it 4 in the morning or 7 in the afternoon. And we are always going to be on guard, to go to solve your problems when they arise. This means that the sooner you call us, the sooner we can go to the place where you need us and therefore the sooner you can return to normal life.

In addition, you must be clear that whatever time of day you call us, we are always going to move quickly to the right place, so that the waiting time on your part is as short as possible. With this, what we seek is to ensure that our clients always feel well treated, with the aim of ensuring that their opinion towards us is the best possible. For all this, in each job we do our best to get the best score from our clients, who are, after all, the most important.

Cheap locksmiths in Barcelona

We also have to say that we are a cheap locksmith company in Barcelona, ​​which makes our clients even more satisfied with the services received. And we can assure you that we offer you the most competitive rates on the market, because we have lowered our prices to the maximum to adapt to the needs of our clients. That is why, if you have a little budget, do not hesitate to call us, since we have such low rates that we will surely adapt to those you are looking for.

This means that today there is no other locksmith company in the city that offers the service that we are providing today, with the materials that we do and the prices that we give. In other words, we are the best option. Hence, once again we recommend you to call us, so you can see that we really offer the low prices that we promise. And it is that by calling you do not lose anything, but if you do not call you can lose a high quality service at a low price.

Our services in Barcelona

As we have said, all our services are of high quality. This is possible because our locksmiths are highly qualified in their work. But if we also add that the service is always carried out with the best materials and with the best tools, we always have as a result a square work finish, that is to say, unsurpassed.

Masterkeying of light bulbs in Barcelona

Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona if you are looking for a locksmith that does its job well, look no further, because we will do this type of work for you as you deserve.

Keys training in Barcelona

We make the type of key you are looking for and quickly, so that you can enjoy your keys or keys as soon as possible.

Masterkeying of locks in Barcelona

Whatever service you want to hire through our company, you can be sure that you will always receive the best quality and the best price.

Opening of doors in Barcelona

We have the best emergency service in the city to open doors. In this way, we assure you that the waiting time from your call will be really short.

Change of light bulb or locks in Barcelona

Today you will not be able to find a better expert than the one we are going to provide you. And it is that not only will it do a clean job, but the lock will be perfectly installed, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Door installation and repair in Barcelona

Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona we repair and install all types of doors, so we are sure that we will be able to adapt to your needs, whatever they may be.

Doors closers in Barcelona

We are a professional locksmith company, so we can do this type of work for you without problems and quickly.

Industrial doors in Barcelona

Today we are the number one company in the installation of industrial doors, so if you need this type of door, we recommend that you call us.

Opening of metal shutters in Barcelona

Whatever problem you have with your metal shutter, you can be sure that we can solve it in record time. And without forgetting that we will offer you the best service.

Urgent locksmiths in Barcelona

In this way, you will no longer have to search any longer to enjoy the best urgent locksmiths in Barcelona, ​​since our company will provide you with everything you may need when you need it. In addition, we must not forget to also comment that our workers are very friendly and pleasant, with the aim of ensuring that the client is always at ease when receiving the service that he has contracted.

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«Locksmith Barcelona Install Repair Locks in Barcelona»

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